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PT 01 (S)


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We introduce the brand new PT-01 range. Our newest flagship collection with
suitcases & bags in a solid quality, in recognizable design and with all convenient
specifications to create the ultimate travel companion!
The collection is available in two qualities and in seven different colours.
The collection starts with the PT-01 and is followed by the PT-01 Deluxe. The
Deluxe range is made from recycled PET bottles and is outfitted with upgraded
parts for the wheels and lock.
All basic parts like the trolley system and handles are shared between all models.
This allows us to minimize the amount of spareparts we need to produce and
keep on stock, keeping our sustainability goals in mind.
In short, this range is one for all, and all for one!


Parcific Mint, Pearl White, Peony Pink, Pitch Black, Poolhouse Blue, Pristine Bronze